Handloom rugs

When something is hand crafted and made by rural artisans, there is an added charm of something human, which you’d never find in a mass produced product from a factory. Adorn your living space with a piece of art and craft from our unique collection.

Mural inspirations:  Kerala’s mural paintings are in fact frescos which have found more contemporary expressions. The rich earthy shades bring warmth and positive energy to the space they are placed in. Look out for our mural inspired mirrors for that unique feel to your home ambience

Handloom rugs:These rugs are made in handloom in a remote village in north India. They come in the traditional Turkish influenced Kilim patterns as well as more contemporary geometric designs. They are  80% wool-20% cotton blend, or sometimes 100% wool rugs and come in two sizes – 3*5 feet and 4*6 feet. The rug will be woven only after you place an order – so allow us a period of upto 8 weeks for delivery.

Gond paintings: Traditionally, the Gond people painted on the mud walls of their homes. Mythology is the central theme in Gond art: rich colours and dotted lines to represent trees, mysterious looking birds and wild animals, their paintings are a signature of Madhya Pradesh, India. Australian aboriginal art has a striking resemblance with Gond paintings, owing to the dots that compose the details.

Placemats made of natural fibre: Pick from our placemats made of natural fibre such as grass and bamboo. They are made by tribal groups in Kerala.

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