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At EarthySoul, we bring you a unique selection of traditional art and craft translated into a range of attractive sustainable and environment friendly products, while ensuring a fair price for every single artisan whose creations have been featured on our portal. Our showroom has been designed with a sole objective of featuring the creations of local Indian groups and helping to empower them both socially and financially. Our work is guided by the spirit and trust placed in people’s capabilities to bring about the much-needed social change with their own efforts. Our passion for the handcrafted designs and mission to empower and educate women has driven us to do more.

We do all we can to empower women, provide training, support the local to develop a skill and provide employment opportunities, create platform for showcasing and selling their works and provide viable livelihood. Our products are carefully collected from specialist artisans, craftsmen and likeminded women groups across India, each piece being one-of-a-kind and having its own individual style, story and unique heritage.

We are more than just a marketplace – we aim to offer something different. And by supporting us, you will be supporting dozens of craftsmen and women in their homes and villages who carefully craft these wonderful products, that keep the world alive with colour and creativity.  Let us fill your homes and hearts with passion for beauty, creativity, and delight.

Join us on our exciting journey dedicated to promoting environmental friendly choices, empowering women and supporting craft conservation as a sustainable, viable livelihood.

I am a full-time mother and working as a Senior Tendering Specialist in a busy corporate environment. Despite my tight working schedule, I find time to engage in voluntary and charity activities. I have been actively involved in Kerala’s youth development programs and I am associated with various non-profit organizations. I am passionate about a lot of things, among which what gives me most joy is mentoring children, and conceiving activities that empower and support women from less privileged backgrounds. At core, I am a person with compassion for the world around me. I also enjoy travelling to wild places and connecting to things that are rustic and pristine.
Sri Sharma

Founder, Director

Hari Sir has been a great mentor, story teller, our guiding star who has been a source of inspiration not just for us but for a huge group of people of different age groups with his words of wisdom and encouragement. We admire Hari Sir for his humility, diligence, subtle humour, and his unwavering sense of purpose in life. He is no longer with us but his spirit will never cease to enlighten us. Though not physically present with us today, Hari Sir is always our shining star, leading us through and instilling faith in us as we embark on the journey of EarthySoul.

Hari Kumar


Although I have spent most of my career doing ecological research in tropical forests of the Western Ghats of India, I now work on community based conservation in Kerala. Using the cooperative model of enterprise building, we engage women in value addition of non-timber forest products (NTFP). In a span of two years, three women’s groups have been galvanized, demonstrating that local economies can be strengthened and dignified livelihoods can be found in their ancestral domain. I am also very passionate about India’s diverse handloom tradition and anything that is handmade. I truly believe that small is beautiful.

Dr Manju Vasudevan

Networking with grassroots artisans

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